Jonna (propain) wrote,

I received a couple of early Christmas presents yesterday and I don't know if there will be any gift that will be able to top them. I have been asking Earl for diamond earrings for three Christmases and he finally gave them to me and they are GORGEOUS! And Kendra's aunt, Kim, gave me a framed 8x10 of Kendra and I. This picture is beautiful! I have never seen a better picture, ever! Everything is perfect about it--even me. I wish I still had my scanner so I could show everyone. It looks like we modeled for it, so perfect and beautiful but I don't even remember the photographer (at Kim's wedding) taking the picture. I wish I could show you.

I have been so busy lately with everything that I don't have time to do anything on the computer anymore. I get to check my email every now and then but that's about it. I need to slow down before I burn out.
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