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I got a letter from the child support office saying that I received an overpayment and I owe them $225 that I must pay back within 15 days. That is bullshit. I don't owe them any money, there was three months that I didn't receive any child support. Did they forget about those three months or what?! So, now, because I said that I won't repay it and I requested an administrative hearing to get this shit straightened out. But this is not the part that stresses me out. I rely on my child support check each month to pay for my rent. Last month I didn't receive the check (i.e overpayment bullshit) so now I am lacking the money that I need for the rent. I'm expecting another check to come in the mail for payment for some work I have done, but he's paying me installments so I don't know how much he will be sending. I seriously doubt that it will cover the amount that I am lacking. I am so stressed out. I just want to run away.
I am going to look up the Georgia laws and renters rights because I believe that I have a 5 day grace period by law. If that is so, then I will present the landlady with that information and I won't stress over this issue any longer. I will go do that now.
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