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I'm trying not to be stressed out today but it is getting to me. I'm quitting smoking today. That is a big stress factor because right now all I want to do is go outside and sit on the porch a smoke a Marlboro Light as I watch to cars go by. But I know I have to do it. I don't want to die like my Grandmother did, at the age of 62. I want to be around for a while for my daughter.
My number one stress factor right now is money. It is the first of the month, therefore rent time. Well, as of right now, I only have $200. I have been waiting on two checks to come in that haven't come in yet. I'm about to scream, I don't want to be late on my rent but it seems inevitable. The worst part is that there is no grace period. Usually, a renter has a five day grace period, and if that was the case, I would be fine. No stress. But I don't. The rent is due on the first of the month. The landlady will be coming over to collect rent this afternoon and I just don't have it right now. I want to run and hide. I don't want to tell her that I don't have it. I know she will let me pay her later but I'll feel like such a loser saying that I don't have the rent. Maybe I should just go ahead and call her before she comes over. I am STRESSED!!

On another note, I redesigned my site last night. I have lots of ideas for it just not enough time to do it all. I included a couple of links to some of my livejournal friends' site on the links page, if you want yours down or included just let me know and I'll do it.

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