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I swear I am going to have to put Earl in a rubber room. He has become the most accident prone person lately. He's worse than the children. He has broken all but probably four of our glasses, 2 of my good plates, spilled drinks everywhere including on my brand new WHITE down comforter. He is no longer allowed to drink anywhere but in the kitchen. I went out and bought some cheap plastic cups from walmart so they won't be broken, and that is what he drinks out of. I guess I am going to have to go out and buy plastic plates (if they sell them) for him to use as well. I could have killed him for spilling that damn drink on my comforter, I had to wash it three times to get the freaking stain out. I don't know what his problem is.

The pigtails website that I am working on is coming along quite well. However, I am still in need of some models. divangel, venusnin, glitter_kittie, and vblackangelv have sent me some great pictures to use on the site but I still need more. Maybe I could find some cam-girls that want to promote their cam through this website? milosgirl has promised me some pictures...along with quite a few others. I just want this site to blow Vince away! I want it to be something that he will really be impressed with.
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