Jonna (propain) wrote,

He's away

My brother left for Deleware to visit my Dad on June 3rd. Dad wanted Joel to spend the summer with him, everyone thought it would be a good idea because our parents seperated when Joel was two years old so he doesn't really have any memories of Dad. I don't know why we all thought it would be ok. It isn't. All my Dad has done since Joel has been there is make him work, shoveling horse shit at that. He hasn't paid Joel a dime, hasn't taken him any where, or even spent any kind of quality time with him. But to tell you the truth, I really didn't expect much from Dad. He has never done anything for us, why start now?
Well, today, Joel had enough. He told Dad he wanted to come home and wasn't nice about it, apparently. They had an arguement and Dad told Joel that he was lazy and that Joel had to get a job to pay for his ride home. What the fuck!? I can't believe him. Well, tonight while Dad was taking a shower, Joel got his shit and ran away. He went to this music store that he had been telling me about and called Mom. Mom called Dad and he acted as if he didn't know what the hell was going on, that he didn't tell Joel that he had to pay for his way home and all this bullshit. Now, everything has settled down and Joel is supposed to be coming home Saturday.
I miss him so much, my little brother. It seems like he's been gone for months when it has only been three weeks. I'm glad he is coming home.
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